About us

Research data management (RDM) is becoming increasingly important in the field of science. It is crucial for grant applications, the publication of scientific works, and collaboration in projects, and it is a key factor for the sustainability of research. The Lower Saxony Research Data Management Initiative (FDM-NDS) aims to support researchers in all scientific disciplines of the state in this forward-looking area.

As part of zukunft.niedersachsen, the state initiative is funded with 15.7 million euros for a period of five years by the Ministry of Science and Culture Lower Saxony (MWK) and the Volkswagen Foundation. Hochschule.digital Niedersachsen serves as the organizational framework for the state initiative.

The project is divided into three areas (three pillars) to accommodate the different developmental stages of universities in Lower Saxony in the field of RDM. Universities that already have an established RDM offering provide their expertise in a central service and advisory center (Pillar 1). Universities that have not yet been able to implement or have only a limited basic RDM offering are supported by Pillar 2. Here, there is close collaboration with the BMBF-funded project FDM-ndsHAW, which has been funded since 2022 for three years. Pillar 3 provides a project fund for the development of RDM projects aimed at improving RDM in Lower Saxony beyond the individual institution.

Pillar 1:

Central Service and Advisory Center

Pillar 2:

Establishment of Basic Skills in RDM

Pillar 3:

Project Fund

Formation of the State Initiative


Kick-off of FDM-NDS


On November 24, 2023, the official kick-off of the State Initiative Research Data Management Lower Saxony takes place. The journey, which began back in 2015, reaches its successful conclusion here. Since 2024, the focus has been on implementing the recommendations of the WKN and sustainably improving the research data management landscape in Lower Saxony.


RDM Basic Services for Lower Saxony

Supported by the state of Lower Saxony, the project RDM Basic Services for Lower Saxony is launched. In this project, RDM basic services will be made accessible to researchers, students, and university staff statewide through the Academic Cloud. Additional services will be developed within the framework of the soon-to-be-founded State Initiative Research Data Management Lower Saxony and also gradually integrated into the Academic Cloud.


Lower Saxony WG RDM

The Permanent Commission for Digitization of the LHK forms a new Lower Saxony Working Group RDM based on the Ad-hoc  Working Group RDM. The working group is tasked with developing an implementation plan based on the recommendations of the WKN. The goal is to establish a state initiative similar to those existing in other federal states.


WKN Action Recommendation

In October 2021, the WKN Working Group RDM presents its report on research data management in Lower Saxony. The report provides recommendations on how universities in Lower Saxony should position themselves in RDM in the future.


New Discussion Paper

Based on the previously developed strategies and the three networking workshops conducted in 2019, the Ad-hoc Working Group RDM presents a revised discussion paper aimed at developing a shared research data strategy. Funding for the proposed measures is not forthcoming initially, as the evaluation of the WKN Working Group RDM is still pending.


Networking Workshops

The Ad-hoc Working Group RDM hosts a total of three Networking Workshops in 2019. The topics are: Data Literacy (May 9, 2019, organized by the eResearch Alliance Göttingen and University of Göttingen), RDM Service and Organizational Structures (July 9, 2019, organized by the University Library of TU Braunschweig and TIB Hannover), and Technical Infrastructure (November 6, 2019, organized by LUIS Hannover).



WKN Working Group RDM

The Scientific Commission Lower Saxony (WKN) forms a working group to address the question of how to catch up on the backlog in RDM in Lower Saxony. This involves using survey tables from the Ad-hoc Working Group RDM, conducting their own surveys, and interviewing experts.


Ad-hoc Working Group RDM

An ad-hoc working group, comprised of representatives from data centers and libraries formed from a joint meeting of LANIT and the Lower Saxony Advisory Board for Library Affairs – Section W. The goal is to revise the concept of the digitization initiative regarding RDM and to facilitate better networking and utilization of synergies in the areas of infrastructure and consultancy/training within Lower Saxony.


Initial Efforts

In collaboration between LANIT and the Lower Saxony Advisory Board for Library Affairs – Section W, an initial paper on research data management in Lower Saxony is created.